365 days learning to love the things I hate
Redo 27: REI

Redo 27: REI

Redo 26: Jazz

The classics always win me over. Beautiful song. 

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Redo 25: Short Naps

A nap should be at LEAST an hour long. That sensual way you feel when you wake up naturally doesn’t happen when you lay down for 20-30 minutes. In fact, you’re usually jolted out of a nightmare about not being able to nap enough. Napping is a lifestyle and to really be a trendsetter, you have to nap appropriately. Except when you live real life and you run your own business, it’s hard to justify hour long naps during the day so I’ve been short changing my system and converting to short naps. But I’m still just so tired. 

Redo 24: Exercise | The 7 min workout

Not being able to breathe is becoming a theme on my tumblr. I hate exercising because it makes me feel awful, not in the feel good later kind of way. Squats literally feel like my knees are going to fall off. The 7 min workout is only 30 seconds per activity so I figured my knees could manage. Day 1: I spent most of the 7 mins laying on the ground wondering about how I dared to brag that I could plank more than 5 seconds. 

Redo 23: Take a hike

I can feel my heart in my mouth and although I can’t catch my breath, I’m pretending to admire the views. It looks like no one noticed I’m probably about to die. I love watching the city be swept by wind, fog and just a smidgen of sun. I climbed the hill at Corona Heights Park for that smidgen. Urban landscapes make the revelation of my lack of fitness worth it. Let’s call it a gateway to more extreme hiking situations (on mountains). You may call it an urban walk, but I call it a hike.

Redo 23: The Ultimate Sunday Hike | 7x7

Redo 23: Hiking / Corona Heights Park #urbanhiking #sf

Redo 23: Hiking / Corona Heights Park #urbanhiking #sf

Redo 22: Saving for retirement

Things @rutherfd taught me about saving for retirement:

1. Investing is better than saving your money under your mattress
2. Prioritizing your retirement is the only way to survive old age
3. Start as early as possible because then you’ll have more money!